A Ritinha foi deportada da América.

Não a deixaram entrar por considerarem ilegal o tour de ukelele que lá ia voltar a fazer.

Dear friends from the US of A,
Your country has deported me. As I arrived in Newark, at the customs they looked me up on the internet and found my tour dates, and that is considered “illegal work” even though musicians hardly make any money in the US as you know.
I was treated like a sort of a criminal and for the rest of my life (sorry this sounds dramatic) I can never enter the US as a visitor. Only with an artist visa. Yeah they carry guns and can kill people but I’m not allowed to go in there to play ukulele, have some fun and make a few bucks. Nice one USA!!!

[Informação na página do facebook]

Só uma tuguinha super-talentosa conseguia proeza que terrorista desconhece. Ia apenas cantarolar aquelas deliciosas musiquinhas “vintage” com uns amigos.