Venus: Behold! I am Venus! I am the most beautiful woman in the world!

Choir of Men: You are the most beautiful woman of all ages.

Venus: I was born from the foam of the sea. I am a Goddess! I am attended by the most beautiful mermaids of the ocean.

Choir of young girls: The clouds of the sky gave you their colour

Choir of young girls: The clouds of the sky gave you their colour

Venus: Like the lobster of the deep I am dresses in my skeleton. Within is the rose-colored flesh of dream, more gentle than honey.

Choir of Young Girls:Your blood is sweeter than honey. Your honey is sweeter than your blood.

Venus: Because I am Venus and I dream

Choir of Men & Young Girls (in stupefaction):Venus, Venus, Venus

Venus: In the fever of love, I lie upon my ardent bed. A bed eternally long, and I dream my burning dreams — the longest dreams ever dreamed without beginning and without end.

Choir of Men: Without beginning and without end.

Venus: Enter the shell of my house and you will see my dreams.

Choir of Men:Enter! Enter!

Choir of Young Girls: Enter into the house of dreams.

Monólogo de Ruth Ford (irmã do poeta Charles Henri Ford- futuro editor da View magzine) e coros
Gravação produzida pela RCA
Ingrid SHAFNERSalvador Dali’s Dream of Vénus. The surrealist Funhouse from the 1939 World’s Fair, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2002(fotografias de Eric Shall)