“I’d like to tell you all about a sad dream. It’s the dream of the brokenharted.”
David Lynch

Now it’s dark…Into the night
I cry out
I cry out your name
Into the night
I search out
I search out your love.
Night so dark
Where are you?
Come back in my heart
So dark
So dark.
Moving near the edge at night
Dust is dancing in the space
A dog and bird are far away
The sun comes up and down each day
Light and shadow change the walls
Halley’s comet’s come and gone
The things I touch are made of stone
Falling through this night alone
Don’t go away
Come back this way
Comeback and stay
Forever and ever

olha só, tinha ali os comentários para “moderar e não sabia… pedi para me entregarem ao domicílio e nada…

muito obrigada -Cris, cbs e poeta-hortelão!


Floating with you

J’ai éclaté en flammes et j’ai brûlé!

tinhas que pôr uma coisa destas
lindo, Zazzz, lindo 🙂

muito bonito zazie : )

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